11.2.2016 4 males and 2 females




Greenhill's Touch of Versace "Hippu"


Non-Stop Quo Vadis "Morris"

 Hips: A/A 
 Elbows: 0/0 
 Eyes: OK


 Hips: A/A
 Elbows: 0/0
 Eyes: ok

Non-Stop Quo Vadis Shamrock Spell Bound GBSHCH Chardanell Castaspell
CIB Hu CH Shamrpck Diamond Symphony
Non-Stop Coffee Latte SHu Ch Dainty's Big Spender
Rs Ch Non-Stop Irish Ivy
Greenhill's Touch of Versace
CIE RU Ch HeW-12 Milbu Snow-Slide
CIB VDH & DE & FR & LU CH LU JCH Inassicas Coriander
Lv Ch Lv JCh Milbu Laurella
Ee JCh Greenhill's Union of Versace Nord CH Se TrCH Jako's Union For Dream Max
CIE LTW-10 LVW-10 Greenhill's Versace
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