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Ee JCh Greenhill's Union of Versace "Ninja"


Se Mva(n) Dk Mva(n) Lt Mva  Sunny Delights Last Cover Up "Casper"

 Hips: B/B 
 Elbows: 0/0 
 Eyes: OK

* Summer Golden Show 2011 BIS-1 puppy
* Golden Special 2011 BIS-2 puppy
* 2 x BOB puppy
* BOS puppy
* re-CAC
* Estonia: 3 x jun-CAC, 2 x BOS-junior, BOB-junipr, BIS-4 junior, BOB , BIG-2

 Hips: B/B
 Elbows: 0/0
 Eyes: ok
PRA1 & PRA2 clear
Owner: Åsa Cederlund, kennel Sunny Delight's, Sweden

* 4 x CAC

Se  Dk Sh Ch  Lt Ch  Sunny Delights Last Cover Up DKUCH SU(U)CH Xanthos Conquistador GBSHCH Xanthos Black Thorn
GBSHCH Xanthos Effervescent
Sunny Delight´s Cover Girl SU(U)CH Kulawand Northern Forester
Inassicas Sunny Delight
Ee JCh Greenhill's Union of Versace SU(u)CH DK(U)CH SVCH LW-08 DKW-10 DKKW-10
Jako's Union for Dream Max
MultiCH Multiwinner Tottelina Observer
Jako's Amazing Grace
CIE LvW-10 LtW-10 Greenhill's Versace NordJV-05 Fi & Ru Ch
Voyage du Bois de la Rayère
Mating Call Miss Marron
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