*March 25th 2005


Greenhill's Dion  "Tessa"


Greenhill's Flat Out  "Kasper"

     7 bitches:
 * G. Kalos Eidos (A/A K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Kindret Spirit
 * G. Kind of Magic (A/A K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Kismet (B/A K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Kissed by Arose (A/A, K0/K0, OK)
 * G. Knockout (A/B K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Koh-I-Noor (A/B, K0/K0, OK)
4 dogs:
 * G. Kerberos 
 * G. Kickdown (B/B K0/K0)
 * G. Kolumbus (A/A K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Kung Fu


 Pedigree of the K-litter
Greenhill's Flat Out BH FIN & EST Ch Fairfield Firefoxtrot Siagar Spencer JW
Ch Fairfield Firecrystal
Mating Call Miss Marron Karvin Status Quo
Karvin Ziider Zelina
Greenhill's Dion FIN Ch Karvin Latest Hit JWW-90 WW-93 EUW-95 NL Ch WW-92 L CH D&VDH Ch ARG Ch AMW-96 Standfast Angus
Karvin Casablanca
FIN & EST Ch Karvin Hip Hooray BH Gleaming Big Love
Karvin Fina Finlandia

   Puppies at the age of 5 weeks

Photos © Elina Pitkänen


   Puppies at the age of 4 weeks


   Puppies at the age of 2 weeks


   Puppies at the age of 6 days

  Puppies at the age of 1 day. Photos © Taina Kaleva

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