*April 2nd 2003


FIN & EST CH Karvin Hip Hooray  "Fina"


FIN CH Karvin Latest Hit  "Damon"

     3 bitches:
 * G. Dion (A/A K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Dixie Chick (A/A K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Donna Summer (A/B K0/K0 HC)
7 dogs:
 * G. Darude (B/B K0/K0 HC)
 * G. Deep Purple (A/A K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Depeche Mode (B/B K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Dire Straits (C/C K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Doors (A/A K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Drifter (B/B K0/K0 OK)
 * G. Duran Duran (A/A K0/K0 OK)

 Pedigree of the D-litter
FIN Ch Karvin Latest Hit JWW-90 WW-93 EUW-95 NL Ch WW-92 L CH D&VDH Ch ARG Ch AMW-96 Standfast Angus N Ch Mjaerumhögda's Crusader
GB Ch Westley Ramona
Karvin Casablanca Gill's Garfield
FIN Ch Chevanne Snow'n Ice
INT & FIN & EST Ch Karvin Hip Hooray BH Gleaming Big Love FIN Ch Kerrien Raleigh
Gildas Don't Cry
Karvin Fina Finlandia FIN Ch Ipcress Sea Quest
Karvin Chanel

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